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Mindfulness Courses for
Adults in Education Settings

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  .b foundations  
This is an 8-week mindfulness course specifically developed for adults in education settings developed by Mindfulness in Schools Project.  It is designed to support adults to explore the benefits of mindfulness for themselves through a range of practices.  (Please note that it is not for adults to learn how to teach mindfulness to children but can be the first step in this process). Centralised courses for Ealing School staff are held online or at Castlebar School, or you can enquire here about a course being delivered at  your setting. 
  Mindfulness for All Learners  
Developed and delivered in collaboration with Holly Chapman at Castlebar School, this is a two day course for adults who have completed the .b foundations course and have been practising mindfulness for a minimum of 3 months since.
It provides participants with a varied and flexible mindfulness curriculum which can be delivered in school to all learners, including pupils with SEND.  It is suitable for mainstream primary children, and for primary and secondary aged pupils with SEND.  The course supports adults to connect with their own mindfulness practice further and provides practical ideas, strategies and assessment tools to ensure effective curriculum delivery
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